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Frequently asked questions

What if I'm a beginner and haven't worked out in a long time?

For beginners we always have you start with light or no weight and we have you use the easiest settings on the Stairmaster. Many times we’ll even have you just start with 1/2 or 3/4 a class and slowly build you up. We all were beginners at one point and if you stick with it we promise we’ll get you in amazing shape.

What if I have injuries like sore knees or a bad back?

Most our exercises are low impact and very safe. Let your instructor know if you have any injuries and we can even show you how to modify the workout. I’d also highly recommend you take out stretching and foam roll class where I teach you how to improve muscle imbalances and even fix and prevent injuries.
I’ve worked with over 200 women and the workout we do here are designed to be very effective but also very safe

What show I know before taking my first class?

Wear fitness clothes, bring a water bottle, and don’t eat a big meal right before. Don’t eat a big meal within 3 hours of working out. You can eat a light meal 2 Hours before. If you have to eat something an hour before working out them just eat a small piece of fruit.

How long are most classes?

About 50 minutes of exercise followed by 5-10 minutes of stretching.