Why We're the #1 Fitness Studio to Get You a Hot Bikini Body:

At Bikini Babe Fitness we only use the exercises we found to be the most effective, safest, and enjoyable that have been used by 100s of fitness and bikini models to get incredible results!
Our lower body workouts are designed to give you a rounder and more lifted butt and shape your legs. Our glute workouts are so effective that one of the girls I personally trained was featured on the TV show ‘The Doctors’ episode titled “How to Build a Better Booty Without Surgery”.

Our abdominal workouts incorporate the most effective stomach exercises that I’ve been having models do for the past 16 years as well as pilates and yoga techniques that will strengthen the core and give you a tighter stomach.
Our upper body workouts are designed to tone and strengthen the upper body as well as improve posture. As we get older our arms get flabbier and posture gets worse so we guide you through exercises that prevent that from happening!
At the end of each workout session we go through a stretching routine to improve flexibility, posture, and prevent muscle imbalances.

During almost every session you’ll be doing 20 minutes of Stairmaster exercises. We found the Stairmaster to be the single most effective piece of cardio equipment. Here’s why:
-The Stairmaster tones your legs and lifts your butt far better than the treadmill, bike, or elliptical.
-It provides an amazing cardiovascular workout that burns the highest amount of fat, improves endurance, reduces cellulite, and gets you in amazing cardiovascular shape.
– The step-after-step motion is a hard workout, but it is not hard on your joints. Regardless of how slowly or how quickly the stairs are moving, you are still getting in a very beneficial workout. Compare this to the treadmill, which has much more impact on your body and doesn’t offer the same benefits at a slower pace. I personally don’t do the treadmill or elliptical for long periods of time because they bother my knee. But using the Stairmaster on a regular basis actually strengthens the muscles around my knee making it recover faster and feel better.

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